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Nvidia & AMD throw in the towel to appease our new OnLive overlords.

You heard it here first kids! Nvidia and AMD have officially dropped out of the consumer video card business after both companies realized that OnLive will soon make all gaming PCs obsolete. OnLive is the hot story from this year's Game Developer Conference. GDC may be over but Joystiq just posted the first part of their interview with Steve Perlman (OnLive's founder) in which he stated that he wants people to be skeptical. 

Consumers may be skeptical, but Nvidia and AMD are smart enough to know when they should bow out gracefully to a better product and solution. Both companies have scrapped their plans for their next generation of cards and they have also halted all of their driver development. All of the employees working on video card hardware and software have been let go, but many have been able to get higher paying gigs at Rearden.


Throw in the towel

Nvidia and AMD have both brought down their official sites in order to remove all the pages associated with their failed video card products. The redesigned sites are expected to be back soon so keep checking the following links:



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