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Nvidia admits 3D Vision defeat. Backtracks to the good ol' red & blue.

Yesterday Nvidia sent me an email with a link to this site. I looked at it briefly and I was confused about the red and blue glasses the page mentions. The 3D Vision I am familar with does not use red and blue glasses. Well this article at PC Perspective explains it all.

Remember when I said:

"...is the 3D gaming experience that GeForce 3D Vision provides worth the price? Well that really depends on the person. If you have enough money to buy it (without destroying your budget) and you have tried it for yourself then you could probably justify the cost."

Well apparently Nvidia has realized that $598 dollars (they dropped the price by $1!) is way too much money to spend on something that you can't appreciate until you try it. 


Red and Blue

Let me leave you this quote from PC Perspective's review:

The original “red/blue” method of producing a stereo 3D image is called “anaglyph” and is able to give each eye its own image by superimposing each frame of a video with a different color hue.  The viewer then wears correctly tinted glasses that filter out every other frame so that each is presented with a unique view.  Unfortunately the dramatic tinting of the image is nearly impossible for the brain to remove completely and thus seeing any kind of high quality content in this format was not acceptable.

Maybe my 3D Vision gear will become a collectors item...and maybe this is why Nvidia is letting me keep the 3D Vision hardware they sent me...

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