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No word on XFX yet, but Biostar is now in Radeon land.

Biostar has been making only Nvidia cards since the days of the GeForce MX4000 (2004), but now they are ready to join the ranks of dual chipset manufacturers such as Asus, Club3D, MSI, Gigabyte, Palit, and Gainward. I was adding some more Newegg links when I noticed a Biostar HD 4650 and HD 4670 just sitting there. I actually had to confirm that Biostar has not made a Radeon card in the past by searching our site.

Well darn. I looked a little deeper and I found evidence that Biostar makes Radeon cards in other countries. And it looks like those countries include Russia or some other slavic-type place. Looking at those Google results, it seems like Biostar HD 3850 and HD 2600 Pros existed at some point. The Russian Biostar site does not have old Radeon cards listed, but it looks like they are about to add some HD 4600's soon. Same deal for their Latin America, Arabic, PersianTurkish and even Global sites.

Well Biostar is new to the Radeon party on this side of the ocean at least...

Biostar is now redder than it was.

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