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News from the red side.

And by the red side I mean AMD. I found two pieces of AMD news that are fit to print, or type I guess. First of all AMD has decided to separate all their products that are in the HD 4000 series or older from the rest of their newer cards. The nature of this separation is driver support. From now on, all HD 4000 or older parts will receive driver updates only 4 times a year.

In other news, AMD will be debuting the HD 7990 at Computex 2012 which is set to occur June 5-9th. The HD 7990 will be powered by two 28nm GPUs, which together contain 4,096 stream processors. Those GPUs will be paired with 6 GB of GDDR5 memory and enough display connectors to drive 6-monitor Eyefinity.

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