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Newegg Pricing Information Now Available

Newegg!As of this morning, you can now get accurate pricing information right inline with all our usual retail card information on card pages. I know what you're thinking "oh god more ads", but no! This will be different! Instead of pricegrabber pricing engines or banner ads or other forms of advertising that I consider less-than-helpful, I've simply gone out to Newegg.com and cross-referenced their inventory with my database of retail video cards.

The overall result of this is nice, clean integration of pricing information with the GPUReview.com database. No big banner ads, no pricing for whatever the major e-tailers are pushing this week (am I the only one sick of ads for the 6800 XT?). All you'll see is the price of the cards you are looking at and nothing more. And if you click the link, it takes you straight to the page on Newegg's site to buy the card.

I hope you can all see the lengths I'm going to to ensure that GPUReview stays as helpful as possible and doesn't 'sell out'. If all goes well with Newegg, I'll be adding more retailers soon along with other features to help you all find the best video card prices on the web.

Please take a look at the new pricing info on any of our card pages and send me some feedback over on the Contact Page.

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