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Newegg has a sweet new Flash picture viewer for its products!

SCOOP! I looked all around Newegg's site and forums and I did not find anyone talking about this. I was linking up today's video cards with our Newegg parser and I noticed that some new products have a new Flash picture viewer complete with Zoom In and Zoom Out functionality! Now you can get super close to a product before you buy it. How close? This is a close up of a Gigabyte HD 3450:

Gigabyte 3450 Zoom

Here are some links to a few products that are using the new viewer. So far only the newest product addtions to Newegg's site have the new viewer.

Gigabyte HD 3450
PNY 8400 GS
Biostar 6800 XT
Asus 8400 GS
VisionTek HD 3450
Abit IP35 Pro Off Limits LGA775 Motherboard
DFI LANPARTY DK X48-T2RS LGA775 Motherboard

From jimday: 

Asus 9600 GT TOP
Asus 9600 GT Silent

There are a lot more products than what I linked above, but I didn't find anything really cool. If you find something really good, leave us a comment with the link! 

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