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New Radeon HD 6930 set to crush sub-$200 market.

As if in response to Nvidia's latest offering (the limited edition GTX 560 Ti), AMD is reportedly prepared to release the HD 6930 just in time for last-minute Christmas shoppers. The HD 6930 falls just short of the HD 6950, and at the rumored $180 pricepoint may provide new competition for the HD 6870. It's curious why AMD would release a new card to compete with their existing product in the same price range, though it's likely Nvidia's recent release was the impetus.

For those who appreciate having options (or Eyefinity), this reference card is expected to offer one HDMI, two DVI, and two mini DisplayPort outputs. Although the overall specs of this card are reduced from the HD 6950, it supposedly has an increased maximum power consumption of 225W, up from 200W on the HD 6950. The details provided in the article by techPowerUp! were sufficient to add the HD 6930 to our reference card database, and you can read the original article here.

Radeon HD 6930 

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