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New GTX 680 specs and the first photo.

Chiphell and PCOnline have posted new (as in different from the old rumored specs) for the upcoming GTX 680. They also provided a picture of the GTX 680, which you can see below. The new specs differ from the old ones in the following ways. 1,536 CUDA cores instead of 1,024, 1,006MHz core clock instead of 850mHz, 6MHz GDDR5 memory instead of 5.5GHz and a 256-bit a memory bus instead of a 512-bit memory bus. So the new specs say that the card has more cores at a faster speed but the memory bus has been cut in half. I would be very surprised if the GTX 680 has a 256-bit bus when the GTX 580 had a 384-bit bus.


The GeForce GTX 680?

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