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New GTX 295 specifications, now with 100% more free pics!

Some of you were leaving comments asking about whether or not the GTX 295 will have 2 PCBs (like the 9800 GX2) or just one. Well now there is photographic evidence that the GTX 295 is a dual PCB card.


Reference GTX 295

The rest of Expreview's new article provides me with all the details I need to create the chip and page for the GTX 295 except for the name of the new chip and its transistor count. Do not be discouraged though, because I am going to guess at the transistor count (it does not get factored into any of the calculated rates) and I am going to call the chip SourCream. I will change them both once I find out what they will be.

One more thing. The article also includes some disturbing proof of the savage beating that the GTX 295 gave the HD 4870 X2 in the latest games.

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