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New GeForce 8800 GTSs for all the good girls and boys.

Boy do I have lots of fun links for all of you! Well the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB is now official today, and so far the only review I see is from the good folks at [H]ard|OCP. There are a few places to buy this new 8800 GTS online, but the widest selection can be found at Newegg.com which has 7 lovely cards to choose from. The cards at Newegg are all in stock as of this writing and they are priced from $299.99 to $339.99. You should notice that all 4 of the cards priced above $299.99 are overclocked right out of the box. Also, I want to point out that there is a Foxconn 8800 GTS 640MB card at Newegg that is $299.99 as well. I hope that is not a typo! As far as other places to procure (I love that word) this card right now there is only CompUSA and TigerDirect.


I have some more reviews for you!



Legit Reviews


PC Perspective


That $299.99 Foxconn 640MB 8800 GTS was indeed a typo. There are people who bought one before the correction was made and those people are currently wondering what exactly Newegg will ship to them.

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