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My ass is bought and paid for.

My ass is bought and paid for.

This all began when Galaxy began advertising with [H]ard|OCP in early October. As part of this announcement, Galaxy decided to give away some video cards to some [H]ard|Forum members. I entered the contest hoping to win a card that I could give away to one of you guys but sadly, I did not win.

A few days later I noticed this thread about how some Galaxy competitors could be leaving false negative reviews on Newegg. What really got my attention is that the thread was started by an official Galaxy representative, a Mr. Shane Vance. Because I work here at GPUreview.com, I consider it part of my job to introduce myself (and of course the site) to any official GPU company reps that turn up in the [H]ard|Forums. I do this for two main reasons.

1. I want the manufacturers to know about our site and to appreciate the way the site informs (and influences) thousands of their customers about their products and their competitor's products. Maybe we can convince them to advertise on their site sometime...

2. I want to be able to ask them questions or get official statements from them if the need arises. I also inform them of factual mistakes that appear on their product pages.

So I began writing a private message to Shane. I introduced myself and gave him the scoop about the site, then I began to tell him about all the things that are wrong about Galaxy's US product pages. I told him that if Galaxy wants to earn the respect and dollars of their US customers, they need to have a site that is not chock full of spelling and grammatical errors. I chose an example of one of their product pages and I described everything that was I though was wrong with it from top to bottom. By the time I was done I had spent almost 2 hours writing a 1,555 word private message.

You may have trouble finding problems with that product page I linked in the above paragraph because Galaxy is currently going through all their product pages making the corrections that I suggested. Pretty cool right? One of the more important things that I told them about was their card picture disclaimer. It did not say what I know they wanted it to say.

Before: *The photo above is for reference only. The figure is subjected be changed without prior notice.

After: *The reference layout of the graphics card above is subject to change without prior notice.

So I sent the message to Shane and less than 4 hours later he sent me a message thanking me and asking me to call him so that he could talk to me. I sent him a message back asking him when I should call him and we agreed that we would talk on Friday after work. So I called him up after work on Friday and he offered me a job with Galaxy correcting and improving their website! That was totally unexpected and really awesome. I gently turned him down though because I really don't have the time for another part time gig and also it is not really a job that I would enjoy.

Then he asked me for my address so that he could send me a free Galaxy GTX 280. As you can imagine they joy began to errupt from my very core! He told me to send my address to him in a PM and he would get the card shipped to me on Monday. I said something like, "Hell Yeah!". I then started telling him that this would complete my first SLI setup and I told him the tale about all the trouble I had trying to get my first GTX 280 installed.

So if all goes well, I will get my new card installed tonight and I will crank Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 all the way up on my 37" 1080p LCD HDTV. Woot! Before I end this article I want to make it clear that despite the title of this article, Galaxy does not really own me. I think Shane and Galaxy are super awesome, but that will not prevent me from reporting any ugly truths about Galaxy in the future. Galaxy is currently looking to make their mark on US customers and I wish them all the luck in the world.

Go get 'em Galaxy!

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