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MSI presents upgradeable SLi on a single video card.

Bit-tech has snapped some pics of this strange "new" technology. The configuration that is on display is called the MSI GeForce 8600 Geminium. It derives its power from two GeForce 8600M GT MXM modules. These are the same parts that are used in laptops. One is plugged into the bottom of the card and the other is attached to the top of the card. The really nifty part about this implementation is that the modules can be upgraded to give you more power. MSI has tried this before but way back then (in 2006), they attempted to attach both modules on one side of the card. This obviously made for a very long video card. Will the new MST Geminium be a commerical success this time? Only time will tell.

Bit-tech and hardwarezone's Geminium pictures.

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