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MSI and Palit go crazy on you!

Yes they have gone crazy for this 9600 GT, but in two distinct ways. MSI has released a grand total of 7 different 9600 GTs, 3 of which contain 1GB of GDDR3.


MSI's 7 different 9600 GTs


Palit and Xpertvision have decided to drown you in an unheard of amount of connectors while they laugh like psychos. Their 9600 GT Sonic cards have a total of 5 video or audio connectors built into the card.

Above you will see the regular 9600 GT Sonic and below is the Limited Edition 9600 GT Sonic that many sites reviewed. You can see the HDMI on the left, then a Display Port, then two DL-DVI ports and finally a SPDIF port for your digital audio needs.


Port explosion.

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