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More GeForce 3D Vision test drive centers open now.

In our review we mentioned how important it is for people to try 3D Vision out before they can develop an interest in it. Well I was toolin' around the 3D Vision pages at Nvidia's site and I noticed that several more test drive centers are open now. Even better, some of these places are in the US! California even! Apparently some store called Central Computers is the exclusive US retail 3D Vision demo store. Which is shame since they have only 4 stores, all of which are in Claifornia.

Well hold on. They say that they are "The only Bay Area stores with this demo" and then they also say "WE ARE THE ONLY RETAIL STORES THAT HAVE THIS DEMO". I hope that only the first claim is true because it is my firm belief that 3D Vision test drive centers need to be spread across our great land. From sea to shining sea as it were.

I have some good news for those of you that live in the South Eastern United States by the way. From May 22-25 I will be in Birmingham Alabama attending Play On Con. But wait there's more! I will have all my GeForce 3D Vision gear with me. If you guys are interested in checking it out at the con, send me a message using our contact form or leave me your email address in a comment (I will remove your email address before I approve your comment).

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