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Marketing blunders that make you wonder...

Oh Johnathan " Fatal1ty" Wendel. Did you agree to this sort of thing when XFX paid you oodles of money to use your name for a line of "world’s fastest in their class" graphics cards? I am talking about the new (appeared on the XFX site today) XFX GeForce 8500 GT Fatal1ty video card. 8500 GT! Really?! Is XFX going to release a super overclocked 8400 GS next? Who knows? XFX seems to be able to slap Wendel's name on any video card they want, especially mid range and budget video cards. I would love to get some raw data on how many noobs you can pwn in the latest games if you buy the Fatal1ty branded 8500 GT.

XFX has not chosen to brand high end cards with the Fatal1ty name lately. In the 8000 series they have the 8500 GT, a silent 8600 GT and a 320MB 8800 GTS. Why choose the 320MB GTS? Why not the 640MB version? After all some reviews have shown that there can be visual quality differences between the 320MB and 640MB version when both cards are utlized to their maximum potential. Well at least the 8800 GTS is the fastest clocked 8800 GTS like XFX claims. Yet on that same page, XFX said the following: "The speed of light pales in comparison to the world's fastest 8600 GT." Notice how they did not say that their Fatal1ty 8600 GT is the world's fastest. They did not say that because saying that would be a lie. The world's fastest 8600 GT is either this non-Fatal1ty branded 8600 GT from XFX that is available only in Korea or this 8600 GT from Elsa. Back to this page one more time, you will see that they have yet to fabricate some marketing mumbo-jumbo (white lies) for the new 8500 GT.

I shall end my rant with this plea. Please XFX. Please release some kick ass high end Fatal1ty branded video cards like a 8800 GTX, Ultra or even a 640MB 8800 GTS. We all know that the midrange segment is very popular, but using the Fatal1ty name to convince un-informed persons that they can play at Wendel's level with a midrange video card is wrong. 

Do you agree or disagree with me guys? Let me know by posting a comment. 


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