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Madshrimps compares 8 low to midrange cards.

This was a tough call to make, but after reading through it I am going to classify this article as a quick comparison of 8 video cards and not a review of 8 video cards. That means I will link it here instead of posting it as a review for all 7 of the retail cards it includes. This decision has nothing to do with me being lazy (even though I am lazy).

You can check out the comparison here.

The cards covered are as follows:
Asus X1300 Pro Silent 256Mb, Sparkle 6600 GT 128Mb, Powercolor X800GTO 128Mb, Asus X1600 XT Silent 256Mb, eVGA 7600GT CO 256Mb, Club 3D X1800 GTO 256Mb, eVGA 7600GT CO SC 256Mb, and a reference 7600 GT.

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