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Left 4 Dead is coming & our Steam group is looking for new blood.


That's right folks! You heard it here first! We have a GPUReview.com group in the Steam Community and we want you to join us! There are three easy steps to becoming 'one of us' and none of them involve becoming a zombie or ghoul. Here are the steps:

1. Be a person who reads this site occasionally. (I guess this first step is really two steps since being a person is kinda a step in itself...)

2. Have Steam installed on some sort of computer.

3. Leave your Steam name in a comment to this story. (Please make sure that your profile comes up when you enter your Steam name in the Search box in the upper right corner of this page because that is what I'll use to find you. For example, searching for mentok1982 will lead you to one person... me!)

If you have ever dreamed of playing games with me or even just talking directly to me, this is your Golden Ticket! I play lots of Team Fortress 2 and I am always able to chat with people through Steam when I am home. On and after November 18th, I will be playing Left 4 Dead a whole bunch. My clan will only have one server up at first and since each server only holds 8 people, I may be looking for another server to play on. Maybe I'll join whatever server you guys are on...



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