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Leaving good comments has its perks...

Our commenting system is basically a moderated affair. When a comment is submitted, it does not get displayed to other users until I (or Mike) approves it. However, some people have been leaving quality comments on our site for so long that we feel like we can can trust you. When that happens, we flip a magical invisible switch that allows everyone to see your comment as soon as you post it! Amazing!

The reason that I am posting this information is because I just flipped the magic switch for several people. Please remember that with great commenting power, comes great commenting responsibilty. If you try to sneak things into your comments that you know are not allowed you will lose your auto-approval power forever.

Another reason I am posting this is to encourage other commenters to comment often and to comment well so that they may have the auto-approval power. Here is a list of everyone who has "the power":

  • Evil Incarnate (Me)
  • Mike
  • MrWizard6600
  • aliquidparadigm
  • Mach5Motorsport
  • David
  • Radiator
  • wyz135
  • WhistleHeat
  • -RK
  • Sunny
  • Ultima
  • Duesco
  • Headfoot
  • jimday
  • aVaLaNcHe

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