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KFA2 brings you serious performance up & Newegg isn't perfect.

Why don't these manufacturers just hire someone who speaks English as their native language? They could give me 25 cents for every typo I correct.

KFA2 9600 GT 1GB

I have been saving this Newegg thing for a few days, looking for an opportunity to post it. Newegg is under the impression that Sapphire has made a Radeon 9600 Pro for your PCI-Express slot. No. NO!

There is no reason to make a PCI-E 9600 Pro. Notice that there is no shot of the 9600 Pro box on that Newegg page. Also notice that the card in Newegg's pic looks exactly like a Sapphire X1300 PCI-E.

The moral of this story is as follows: Even totally kick ass sites like Newegg can make humorous mistakes from time to time.

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