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Join GPUReview's Steam Community group.

I have started a GPUReview.com group in Steam! I am the owner of the group and Mike is our first officer. We do not have our own server so if you see a group member playing a game that you want to play, just right click their name in the friend's list and choose Join Game. Out tag is [GPUr] so if you want, you can add it to your in game name using the options menu.

How to Join:

To get in the group you must contact either Mike or myself. I would recommend contacting me because Mike is really busy with school. You can leave your steam name in the comments section for this story or you can send your info to me through steam chat. You will find the steam name for both Mike and I in the first comment to this story.

How to Stay in the Group:

Our goal in this group is to have playing games with other readers of this site. We are not a competitive group. Be nice to everyone you play games with and make sure to follow all the rules of the server you are playing on. However, there are some general rules that all members of our group should follow.


  1. No swearing or hate speech allowed at all. No sexually explicit language either. Occasional use of the lesser swears is permitted. Do not attempt to circumvent things like text chat swear filters.
  2. Skill is not a prerequisite to join our group. Please do not make fun of our taunt players that are not as skilled as you.
  3. We enjoy using our microphones to relay useful information to each other during games. When we are not under attach we also just chit chat a little. Unless someone is being unbelievably annoying, do not tell them to shut up. If they are going on and on about things that do not have to do with the game you can either mute them or you can ask them to use their mic only for communicating things related to playing the game.
  4. Do not be an ass hat, jerk, dick, tool or douche.

If Mike or I get reports from any member of our group or my clan ([kI]) that a member of our group is not obeying either the rules of the servers or our rules they will be removed from the GPUReview group.

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