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Intel's Skulltrail platform, SLI on an Intel motherboard!

The Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is currently happening in San Fransisco right now and some cool stuff is being shown. One of which is Intel's Skulltrail platform which will feature official SLIness from Nvidia. This is just a one time deal for now and Nvidia has not licensed SLI to any of Intel's chipsets. Instead Nvidia has given Intel permission to use SLI on this specific motherboard because Nvidia does not currently offer a motherboard with 2 CPU sockets.

Here is picture from PC Perspective and a link to three pics over at [H]ard|OCP.

PC Perspective Skulltrail pic

PC Perspective also has some good info PCI Express 3.0 and USB 3.0 as well. 


HotHardware is saying that Intel and maybe some of their partners may use a nForce MCP on some of the X38 (like Skulltrail) based motherboards. 

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