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I am back from PAX & Radeon Eyefinity is pretty cool.

Yes I have returned, and no, I am not infected with the Swine Flu. I did however talk to a person at the Nvidia booth (I would like to put his name here, but I misplaced his business card) about some things.

I asked them if they are going to continue to market the 3D Vision bundle and kit or if they are going to market the 3D Vision driver that you can use with the cheapo red and blue glasses. Currently, Nvidia is going to continue to push both implementations. The guy also agreed that it is difficult to convince customers that 3D Vision is awesome if they can't try it for themselves before they buy it.

He showed me the PC version of Resident Evil 5 in 3D Vision and it was awesome! Like WoW, RE5 has out of screen effects (zomg that knife is flying at my face!) programmed into it which makes me salivate. I also got to see Batman Arkham Asylum being played with PhysX support turned on. I have been playing it on the 360 and I have to admit that it was cool to see the wall chunks that Bane throws at you crumble and then stay on the ground. There was also a level with big stacks of paper that could be exploded or pushed over in a realistic manner. When I returned from my trip I had an email from Nvidia offering me review copies of both games (sweeet!), so I will be able to check both of them out pretty soon I guess.

In other news, there is this Radeon Eyefinity Technology. Six 30" monitors powered by one 'Evergreen' card and 24 30" monitors powered by 4 sounds pretty cool you guys. Color me excited and intrigued.



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