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How to choose what video card you need for Diablo III.

At what resolution are you adventuring?

The first thing you must do is to determine what resolution your monitor or laptop screen is running at. You can right click on your desktop and select the proper options to find out what your resolution is. You may have an Nvidia or AMD control panel or maybe you will just have the default Windows Personalize option.

Low resolution warriors heed my words!

If you are reading this article at less than 1680x1050 (maybe 1280x1024 or 1366x768) then look no further. If you don't have a lot of gold and you want to run Diablo III at least 30FPS with all the details and eye candy turned on you should buy the GeForce GT 440. Well damn, the GT 440 would be a good choice, but the HD 6670 is faster than the GT 440 and due to some really hot deals at Newegg, the HD 6670 is MUCH cheaper than the slower GT 440. Here are the best deals on the HD 6670 over at Newegg:

Gigabyte HD 6670 1GB w/Dirt 3 for $46.97 after $25 MIR card (exp. 5/31) & $6.98 shipping
XFX HD 6670 1GB w/Orcs Must Die for $56.97 after $20 MIR card (exp. 5/15) & $6.98 shipping
Sapphire HD 6670 w/Dirt3 for $65.98 after $15 MIR card (exp. 5/15) & $5.99 shipping


Art by Espen Sætervik

If you are looking for an even more solid frame rate or if you just have to buy an Nvidia card then I recommend either the GTX 550 Ti or the GTX 460. Please note that the GTX 460 is slightly more mighty than the brave GTX 550 Ti. The GTX 460 should be able to keep your frame rates above 60 in any situation, whereas the GTX 550 Ti might dip below that mark at 1366x768.

MSI GTX 460 1GB w/NBA2K11 for $107.55 after $40 MIR card (exp. 5/16) & $7.56 shipping
MSI GTX 550 Ti 1GB w/NBA2K11 for $97.55 after $40 MIR card (exp. 5/16) & $7.56 shipping
Zotac GTX 550 Ti 1GB for $106.97 after $30 MIR check & $6.98 shipping

You see all that shit that is crossed out above? That should prove the value of an article like this because after spending 30 minutes researching and compaing prices and performance of those cards I found a better card for less money at Newegg. Basically, this shit is not easy, even for me. The HD 6770 has tons of great rebates going on and it is probably the most powerful card that you should buy if you are gaming at a low resolution. This card might even be able to run a second screen if you want to have your chat window or wiki running in another monitor. If you have to spend more than $110 on a new video card, go ahead and read the high resolution section.

Gigabyte HD 6770 1GB w/Dirt3 for $84.99 after $30 MIR card (exp. 5/31) & FREE shipping
XFX HD 6770 1GB w/Dirt3 for $97.55 after $20 MIR card (exp. 5/15) & $7.56 shipping
XFX HD 6770 1GB for $99.99 after $25 MIR card (exp. 5/15) & FREE shipping
MSI HD 6770 1GB w/Dirt3 for $106.97 after $15 MIR card (exp. 5/31) & $6.98 shipping


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