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HD 4850's are now at Newegg.

A whopping 8 of the 13 HD 4850s in our database are now available at Newegg for $199.99 as of this writing. So if you are in the market for one now is your chance to spend your hard earned dolla'.


Newegg's HD 4850 announcement



Sapphire's card just went down to $194.99 by way of an instant savings. If you ask me, Diamond's card is the best looking HD 4850 (I don't think I've ever seen such a cool card from Diamond) on the market. Check it out in all its skullrific glory:


Diamond's HD 4850

EDIT 2: The Editening

GPUReview reader Grey Fox would like us all to know that Newegg has a few HD 4870s listed, but they are not in stock, yet... Keep an eye on them, I am sure they will be available soon.

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