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HD 3650, HD 3470 and HD 3450 coverage.

AMD is launching three midrange cards today. They are the HD 3650, HD 3470 and HD 3450. I am currently gathering content about all these cards from the usual suspects for this post, but after I finish that, I will attempt to get these cards added to the database. UPDATE! A freak accident has occured! Mike has added the new chips and cards to the database for me! Now I'll I have to do is add the review and the retail cards. Not being coordinated has never worked so well!

The first coverage I came across is the AMD slides over at [H]ard|OCP. Lately the [H] has been focusing on enthusiast hardware and not mid-range hardware so that is why they are only providing these slides.

Anandtech has a short 4 page introduction article about these new products. They are using two of the slides that were part of the set that [H]ard|OCP posted, and they discuss display port technology and hybrid graphics technology:

"In addition to the hardware specs above, these new parts do introduce some new technologies. Both the 3600 and 3400 lineup support DisplayPort with the first on silicon implementation in the industry. The 3400 series also supports Hybrid Graphics which combines the power of on-board and add-in graphics to increase the potential graphics power for cheap hardware."

The only review I have found so far is from Hot Hardware. They wrote up a 10 page review of a reference HD 3650. I was going to write about how this card compares to the HD 2600 XT, but their paragraph is exactly what I wanted to say:

"The previous generation Radeon HD 2600 XT is available for about $110 to $170 on-line depending on its memory configuration. Despite having a lower price (MSRP $99) and consuming less power (10 Watts less at load), the new Radeon HD 3650 was able to outpace the 2600 XT in a couple of benchmarks (HL2: EP2 and Crysis), and where the 2600 XT pulled ahead it wasn’t by a significant margin."


HD 3650 pic.

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