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Have no fear the GTX 670 is here... and in stock at Newegg!

Nvidia has released the fastest card available for under $400, and it is called the GTX 670. The GTX 670 is basically a GTX 680 that is missing 16 Texture Units and 192 Shader Processors. Unlike the GTX 690 launch, the GTX 670 launch features many different overclocked models and improved cooling solutions. We got 21 cards listed so far and five of those are from Evga.

First some sweet sweet Newegg links, then some pics of the most sexy GTX 670s.

Zotac GTX 670 with Free Shipping $399.99

Evga GTX 670 with Free Shipping $399.99

MSI GTX 670 with Free Shipping $399.99

Galaxy GTX 670 with Free Shipping $409.99

Evga GTX 670 Superclocked with Free Shipping $419.99

Zotac's GTX 670 AMP!

Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II OC

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