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[H]ard|OCP breaks the GTX 660 NDA, is very naughty.

Nvidia changed the launch date of the GTX 660 from today to a later date in an email that was sent on September 7th. I guess that the [H] didn't see that email, or they forgot. It's okay [H]ard|OCP, I forgive you. I just hope Nvidia will forgive you as well.

According to the [H] the Asus GTX 660 DirectCU II fits between the an overclocked HD 7850 and a HD 7870 in terms of power usage, but performs as well as an overclocked HD 7870.

You might be wondering if we will be reviewing the GTX 660, but you will have to keep on wondering, for now...

According to Kyle Bennet Editor in Chief of [H]ard|OCP, he was informed "last week that the date was today at 8am CST." He has that in writing. I guess we will have to wait and see if other outlets are posting their reviews today.

Kyle was "just informed that the embargo date on this (the GTX 660) has changed" so he removed his review article. At least 7 of his reader's (not including me) read the review as evidenced by the thread for the review. I told Kyle about the change at 9:30AM, he did not believe me, and then right after 11:00AM he took the review down. I could totally rub this in Kyle's face (even more than I already am) by gloating to him in a PM or posting in that thread, but I won't. I acutally saved several of the review's pages to my desktop just in case this happened, but I really don't want to piss off Nvidia or Kyle by posting them.

 Asus GTX 660

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