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Happy GTS 250 launch day.

If you are thinking about buying a GTS 250 you can read our Palit GTS 250 1GB review and then pick your favorite from the list below. I suppose you could buy them all if want to get your Christmas shopping done early...and if you are crazy. I am sad to see that only two of these are selling at MSRP.

UPDATE: Because of Casecutter's comment I updated the list below. The Sparkle and Gigabyte cards both fell $25, the XFX fell $20, the BFG fell $15, and the stock Evga 1GB fell $10. Woot! I updated the 4850 and 4870 prices located two posts down as well.  

Card Name & Newegg Link
End Price
MSI GTS 250 512MB OC Far Cry 2
Zotac GTS 250 512MB
Evga GTS 250 512MB
Sparkle GTS 250 512MB
XFX GTS 250 512MB
Evga GTS 250 Superclocked 512MB
Sparkle GTS 250 1GB
BFG GTS 250 512MB OC
Zotac GTS 250 1GB
Gigabyte GTS 250 1GB
Evga GTS 250 1GB
Evga GTS 250 Superclocked 1GB

Here is a pic of the coolest looking GTS 250 from the above list. I guess it is the most expensive one too.



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