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GTX 950 availability and pricing.

Right this minute there are only a few places to purchase the new GeForce GTX 950 so, I thought I'd throw together a quick list for you all. Oh and I will be adding GTX 950 cards and reviews to the site very soon.


Newegg has at least 4 GTX 950's in stock, but I can only find them on this page because Newegg hasn't indexed them in their search yet. Here we have:

Evga's Store

Evga has all four of their GTX 950 models on its store. Two of them have $10 Mail in Rebates (MiRs).

Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct has all four Evga models but for higher prices than Evga's store. 

Best Buy

Last and also is least is Best Buy. They have one desktop in stock which contains a GTX 950 and four more which are coming soon or out of stock.

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