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GTX 295 specifications, also I am going to CES.

It looks like my trip to CES 2009 this year will be an eventful one. According to Expreview I will get a chance to see (and possibly use) the new GTX 295 before any of you normal schmucks on January 8th. The card will feature two GPU cores with 480 stream processors, 1,792MB of GDDR3 operating on 896 bit memory bus. The total power draw will be somewheres around 289 Watts. That is a good amount of information, but not quite enough to create the GTX 295 page at this juncture.

Yes it is true folks! I am going to CES in January and I am doing it for you! Well mostly for you. I have a feeling that I will have a really great time as well... This will be my first time reporting news for GPUReview.com on location so I am totally psyched. I got everything I need except for my GPUReview business cards that Mike promised me. So where are those Mike? I looked in my wallet today and I for some reason I did not see them. Weird huh?

CES logo.

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