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GTX 280 vs 8800 GTX - 18 Months of Innovation

Temperature & Conclusion


Using my non-contact thermometer and the Evga Precision overclocking tool, I recorded Idle and Load temperatures for both cards. The back of the GPU measurement on the GTX 280 is not as accurate as it was on the 8800 GTX due to the fact that the GTX 280 has plastic vents on the back of the PCB. The load temperatures for both cards are the hottest temperatures that the cards reached during all the testing I ran. It should be noted that the 8800 GTX’s fan speed was at 70% and the GTX 280’s fan was always at 55%.

Temperature graph 


Back in November 2006 a $600 card came out that performed better than the dual GPU card (7950 GX2) from the previous generation. Here we are in June 2008 and we have a $649 dollar card that can perform better than the dual GPU card (9800 GX2) from the last generation. Not only that, this card is currently performing double duty. It is a graphics card that can also be used to accelerate Physics processing. This card is performing another extremely important task as well, folding for the cure. When I take those things into account I am glad that I spent the money to make this upgrade. Perhaps you will be to…

Update 7-02-2008: 

Sure I was glad that I spent the money a few days ago, but then rumors like this come along and spoil it for me. 

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