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GPUReview's HD 4830 overclocking roundup!

Here are the overclock results I was able to gather. I scooped these numbers up while skipping to Grandma's house and I arranged them in pretty table for you.

I compared a HD 4830 clocked at 760/2,210 to a reference HD 4850 and in some ways, the overclocked HD 4830 has faster rates or more bandwidth.

  Memory Bandwidth  FLOPS  Pixel Fill Rate  Texture Fill Rate 
 HD 4830 OC  70.7 GB/sec  972.8 GFLOPS  12,160 MPixels/sec  24,320 MTexels/sec 
 HD 4850  63.552 GB/sec  1,000 GFLOPS  10,000 MPixels/sec  25,000 MTexels/sec 

With that in mind, I should remind you that you can get a Asus HD 4850 for $5 more ($135) than the HD 4830.


HD 4830 overlocking roundup.

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