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GPUReview's HD 4770 overclocking roundup!

It was very important for me to include a new column in this overclocking roundup. The Catalyst Control Center was limiting reviewers to 830/3,400 and according to [H]ard|OCP:

Every third party utility we tried did not work yet with this video card. There is potential here just waiting to come out.

Guru3D was able to make use of an internal beta version of Rivatuner since they are the ones who develop the tool, and TechPowerUp used a successor to ATI Tool (whatever that means). Please take note of the massive (25-38%) memory overclocks on these cards. Apparently the GDDR5 memory chips are rated at 4,000MHz officially, but it is understood that they can go even higher.

HD 4770 OCs

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