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GPUReview's GTX 560 overclocking roundup!

The GTX 560 was released yesterday which means that now it's time for our patented overclocking roundup! The GTX 560 is able to reach core speeds over 1Ghz if you purchase a card that will allow some voltage tweaking like the MSI or Asus. The average overclock (from the bottom of the chart) is 980/4,572 which is enough for the GTX 560 to pull ahead of the stock GTX 560 Ti in memory bandwidth (146 GB/sec to 128), pixel fill rate (31.36 GPixels/sec to 26.3) and texture fill rate (54.88 GTexels to 52.6). Therefore I think it is safe to assume that an overclocked GTX 560 should outperform a stock clocked GTX 560 Ti and it will cost you $30 less!


GPUReview's GTX 560 overclocking roundup

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