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GPUReview.com milestone achieved.

So I was using our awesome video card parser to add some more video cards to the database when I noticed that as of right now we have more than 4,000 video cards in our system ready for your persusal. We are sitting pretty with 4,004 cards in the system and by tonight the parser should be just about empty which will gives us over 4,050 cards.

We of course give thanks to Mike, our beloved founder for getting this all together and for making so many freakin awesome improvements that we have both lost count. Even on top of all his hard work improving the site and keeping things working he has added probably half of the video cards to the system.

And I also have to give mad props to our second most dedicated invidual...me. I really enjoy working on this site and adding thousands of video cards so that we can have the most complete video card resource on the Internet. I am also really handsome.

I encourage Mike to add some of his own comments to this post. Maybe he can drop some hints about things that may soon be added to this wonderful site in the near future.

Edited By Mike:

I've been watching that number creep towards 4,000 for quite a while now, and I glad to finally see it come and go. I'm back in school now, so major updates to the site are going to be rare for the next few months. When I get the chance I'll be adding more articles and transforming the current search page into something really powerful. Lot's of little tweaks are always in the works around here, and I encourage everyone to continue to give me feedback on how I can further improve the site.

Thanks again go to Steve for the enormous amount of time he's put into the database, I couldn't have done it without him.

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