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Get some Evga cards on the cheap!

Evga has a wonderful page that lists B-stock video cards that you can buy. B-stock cards are cards that customers have sent to Evga, Evga then tested them and have determined that they are still up to snuff. There are also Woot style sales at certain times. The next sale begins in 1 hour and 37 minutes. I will check the site out at 2PM Eastern to see what is offered during this sale.

Evga is also hosting another one of their site scavenger hunts as well. The grand prize for this year is a trip to see the F1 Japanese Grand Prix in Tokyo, Japan.

Both of these events are happening due to the fact that Evga is celebrating their 8th anniversary.


EDIT: The B-stock page is loading really slow and there is only 18 minutes left. I think the page might break under the load of all the people trying to check out this sale.

Wow! I was barely lucky enough to have seen the deal. Yes it was that fast. It was gone in less than 60 seconds. The 2PM deal was a 6800 128MB for $49.99 ($50 cheaper than Newegg and $40 cheaper than Evga's normal B-stock price). Actually the link and pic to the deal keeps appearing and diappearing, so try refreshing the page few times if you want to buy it. There are 10 video cards under the B-stock banner that remain on the page between the timed "special product sales".

2PM Eatern Evga deal.

Weird. Now there is a 7800 GTX KO on sale for $59.99. CRAZY!

7800 GTX and 6800 Evga deal.

I have been checking the page pretty regularly and I am now (5:14 East) getting this:

Page is down.

I hope the page is fixed by the time the next sale is posted at 7PM Eastern.

The site is working again and there will be another sale at 10PM Eastern. Also, the 10 cards below the banner have changed.

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