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GeForce GTX 550 Ti launch day!

I'm back from PAX East and do you know what I noticed? I noticed that the GTX 590 was not launched or even mentioned. I did hear about the GTX 550 Ti from one of Nvidia's partners and now that Tuesday is upon us, so is the 550 Ti.

What we have here is a $150 dollar card that is not as fast the GTX 460 (which can be had for as low as $155) but faster than the HD 5770 (from $120 to $150). The neat thing about the GTX 550 Ti is all the overclocked offerings from the various manufacturers. Zotax, Galaxy and Gainward all pushed the core clock up to the 1Ghz mark and Galaxy's White Edition is the big kahuna with the highest memory clock of 4,600Mhz.


Galaxy and Zotac GTX 550 Ti

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