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GeForce 9800 GX2 pics and specifications.

[H]ard|OCP has received some 9800 GX2 information from "sources overseas" that they consider trustworthy. The pictures are not the greatest and not all the specs are there but I know you guys will enjoy them anyway!


[H]ard|OCP 9800 GX2 image.

The 9800 GX2 is similar in design to the GeForce 7950 GX2. There are two PCBs connected together (probably the same way as before, with a socket on one PCB that mates with a plug on the other) and two DL-DVI ports (that are vertically grouped instead of horizontally grouped, so there is one port per PCB I guess).This time the cores will be 2 8800 cores (G80 or G92?) that have been "shrunk to 65nm". I am guessing that they are G92 cores because the 9800 GX2 has 512MB of RAM per core instead of 768MB, and the G92 is already 65nm and therefore is cheaper to use than "shrinking" some G80 cores.

The card will have 256 shader processors and we are told that it will be about 30% faster than a single 8800 Ultra. Like the 7950 GX2, you will be able to use two of these together for a Quad SLI configuration. Lets just hope the driver support is better this time around.

UPDATE 1-5-2008 

Intrepid commenter Hood has found much nicer pictures of the 9800 GX2 over at Tom's Hardware. They must be seen to be believed!

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