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GeForce 8800's Showing Up All Over

The launch of nVidia's new 8800 series GeForce's isn't until November 8th but images of the cards are starting to show up all over the place. In the pics we see a new dual-SLi connector (much like the CrossFire connector on the X1950 Pro) and the final painted up version of that big cooler. The dual power connections are still present on the GTX model, and there appears to be at least one version of the board (presumably the GTS) that only has one connector, and a somewhat smaller PCB. There's also a shot of the board without the cooler attached revealing an absolutely massive chip with a heatspreader, and a smaller chip whose function isn't yet known (or at least I personally don't know). Here are all the links I've noticed thus far:



And oh yeah, did I mention GDDR4?


Gigabyte has pages up for their 8800s, thought not to many details are currently present:



UPDATE The 2nd Coming! By Steve:

Here are some nice shots of the Asus 8800 GTX: 


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