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Galaxy put two 7900 GT cores on one card.

I don't know how we missed this but the MAD scientists over at Galaxy have put two 7900 GT cores onto one wonderful graphics card! Introducing the Galaxy Masterpiece GeForce 7900GT Dual Core. It features a huge 1,024MB frame buffer, HDCP readiness, and an included HDMI cable. If you have a beefy power supply plug two of these (or 3) into your SLI capable motherboard and rock the world till it dies! Then tell us about it in our comments section.

They have also pulled the same trick with the 7900 GS and 7600 GT. Shibby!


According to this article, 2 of these cards can not be used together (quad SLi) and the cards must be used on a nForce 4 motherboard in order for both cores on the card to function. 

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