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Galaxy GeForce GT 640 GC 2GB Performance Review

Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Diablo III

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third game in the series and it is really beautiful and really fun. It is a DirectX 11 title and as such, I made sure that tessellation was turned on.

Here are the settings we used in Deus Ex 3:

Deus Ex 3 ran pretty well with settings at normal levels and tessellation turned on. When enabled the GT 640 overclocked, the average frame rate was not as high as before, but the game was much smoother because the frame rate varied less. With 3D Vision enabled the overclock really helped improve the playability.

Deus Ex 3

Diablo III is my latest addiction (level 51 Wizard) so I had to find out how well the GT 640 can handle it.

Here are the settings we used in Diablo III:

I was able to run Diablo III with all the settings turned on or up except for anti-aliasing. With AA turned on I was ran into some stuttering issues with the card at stock speeds and 3D Vision turned off.

Diablo III

The game ran well at stock clocks, even better with the overclock, but then once I turned 3D Vision on the FPS dropped to less than half. The game was almost playable in 3D Vision with the overclock turned on, but not quite. 3D Vision does not add a lot to a game like Diablo III anyway.

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