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Galaxy GeForce GT 640 GC 2GB Performance Review

Galaxy GeForce GT 640 GC 2GB Specifications and Photos

The Galaxy GT 640 GC is a factory overclocked budget priced card that stays cool and quiet due to Galaxy’s custom cooling solution. The shroud around the fan actually flips down so that you can easily clean around the fan without having to use any tools. If you do it, right you don’t even have to remove the card from the motherboard. So now that I’ve told you how cool the card is let’s get to the review!

Below are the specifications for the reference GT 640. It is important to note that this Galaxy GT 640 GC has a graphics clock speed of 950MHz and it has a VGA port instead of the Dual Link DVI-I port listed below.


Below you can find the obligatory pictures of the video card and its box. The retail box contains the card, a driver CD (GeForce 296.43) and a quick install guide.

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