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Galaxy GeForce GT 440 2GB Performance Review

Overclocking and the Unigine Heaven Benchmark

I installed the latest version of Galaxy's Xtreme Tuner HD application to overclock the 2GB GT 440. The stock clocks for this card are 810/500 and I was able to increase them to 975/560 without increasing the voltage. I did increase the fan speed to 50% since I noticed the auto setting would never increase the fan speed over 33%. This overclock represents a 20.37% increase in the core clock speed, and 12% increase in the memory clock speed.



The Unigine Heaven Benchmark is a very well featured benchmark designed for testing DirectX 11 performance. The benchmark winds the camera through a beautiful floating island that has been designed to show the amazing detail that can be built into a properly designed DirectX 11 game.

The tesselation level was set to Normal and the other settings used in the benchmark are as follows:



Unigine Results

This benchmark is not easy to run and these results show that. The quality was set to low, the resolution was set to 1365x768 and all the options like refraction and volumetric shadows were turned off. The overclock managed to improve the average frame rate by 14.6%.

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