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FYI, 112 shader and 96 shader 8800 GTS SLI.

[H]ard|Forum user TerranUp16 brought up a very interesting question about a specific 8800 GTS 112 shader implication. What happens when you attempt to SLI an old 96 shader 8800 GTS with a new 112 shader 8800 GTS? Luckily for TerranUp16 and for us, [H]ard|Forum user XFXSupport (a XFX representative) was right there with the answer:

"The previous and new versions of the 8800GTS 640MB can be used in SLI together. When SLI is enabled the newer version will run as if it had the same amount of Streaming Processors as the previous version, kinda clock itself down a bit."

Using this new information I have made you this pretty picture which is based on the stop light concept. It should be noted that 320MB 112 shader GTSs have not been announced.

8800 GTS SLI chart


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