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First GeForce 8800 GT review.

Expreview has the first full review of a reference 8800 GT. I recommend using the Google translated version right here if you can't read Chinese. The translation is not perfect but it is adequate. Apparently the 512MB 8800 GT performs just under the 8800 GTX (and above the 640MB 8800 GTS and HD 2900 XT) in most games and in 3DMark06.

According to the article's GPU-Z readout, it looks like the 8800 GT will indeed have 16 Raster Operators (ROPs) and 16 Texture Mapping Units (TMUs). That gives the 8800 GT a pixel and texture fill rate of 9.6Gigs a second. I have corrected those figures in our database of course. See the comparison of the 8800 GT and 8800 GTS right here.

The reviewer was able to overclock their 8800 GT from 600/900 to 740/1,100 and retain ATI Tool stability. They had to reduce the overclock to 730/1,000 to retain 3DMark06 stability. If you use the comparison page I linked above and overclock the 8800 GT to 730/1,000, the 8800 GT will match the GTS's memory bandwith, surpass the GTS's pixel fill rate and come very close to the GTS's texture fill rate.


Expreview's GPU-Z screen.


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