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First 9600 GSO page is live! SCOOP!

Thanks to our awesome parser, we have scooped the rest of the Internet once again! The XFX 9600 GSO page appeared today, and I have set up the 9600 GSO page. I don't know what the reference speeds are going to be so I used the speeds that XFX listed as the reference speeds. Actually there may not be any concrete reference speeds for this card because the manufacturers have carte blanche with this new card:

...The 9600 GSO is still based on the same G92 core with 96 stream processors but NVIDIA will give board makers a bit more freedom in their designs in terms of own PCB design to and determine their own clocks.

Here is the only news I could find about the 9600 GSO. I guess it was supposed to launch in May.


XFX 9600 GSO

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