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Fallout 4! Fallout 4! Fallout 4! Fallout 4! Fallout 4!

Yep. I am very excited about Fallout 4. I managed to pre-order a PC Pipboy Edition from Amazon, it gave me a firm date that I need my new PC put together by (November 10th) and because I am building a new PC again, I am more excited about bringing this site back to its former glory.

Yesterday Bethesda released the minimum and recommended PC specs for Fallout 4 along with information about languages, console install size, gamepad support and achievements.

Other really great Fallout 4 articles on their blog include this one about Fallout 4's perks and S.P.E.C.I.A.L system and this article about what the team will be doing with Fallout 4 DLC, the Creation Kit and regular updates.

I hope you guys are excited for this game as well. You can't tell me if you are here on the site, but you can leave a comment on our Facebook page. 

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