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Evga offers a GTX 275 with an extra GTS 250 core.

I wanted to post about this on Monday when I found the card in our parser, but I've been way too busy at work. I am totally posting about it now though! Evga has constructed a GTX 275 that features an added GTS 250 core for PhysX processing duties. This is a very unique thing to do and while I do think it is pretty cool, it makes the job of adding this card to our database harder. When creating a new reference card in out database we can only enter one GPU model for it. So the only thing I can do is add the card to our GTX 275 list and enter (+GTS 250 core) in the card name.

If you're interested in trying this card out for yourself, you can pre-order it now from Evga for $349.99. This one of a kind card comes with a coupon for a free copy of the totally sweet Batman Arkham Asylum game for the PC as well.

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