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Evga delivers 4-way SLI for world record contenders.

I was looking at the parser today hoping to find some HD 5870 or 5850 stuff when I came across the Evga GTX 285 Classified. I noticed that it had some interesting features like "Worlds First 4-Way SLI Card, X-Cool Switch for Extreme OC Mode, Supports EVGA's EVbot, Supports EVGA's EVbot, and Dedicated Voltage Read Points." So I dug a little deeper and I located a page that explained this wacky 4-way SLI business. On that page you can also watch a slideshowesque 'video' of the world record attempt and the 3DMark scores themselves.

If you enjoy spending lots of money in order to look at really big numbers, then this card and motherboard setup is for you.

Evga GTX 285 Classified

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