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Evga B-stock day two.

There were sales last night at 10PM Eastern and 12AM Eastern and even though I was busy playing video games, I was told that the 128MB 6800 was the card on sale both times. This morning the cards below the banner are different and they are only five of them.


The next sale is at 4PM Eastern. I will try to snap a pic of the cards on offer.

Crap! I missed the 4PM update. I am sorry. Does anyone know what the deal was? The lower part of the site is down to four video cards now that the FX 5900 XT AGP is all gone. EDIT: Apparently the FX 5900 XT AGP was on sale for $49.99, which explains why it is gone from the bottom of the page.

Tonight's 7PM Eastern sale:

7PM Sale.

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